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Here at the Daytona Beach, Florida Greeting Card Center, you can send an electronic postcard to anyone with an email address and access to the World Wide Web.

What's an Electronic Postcard?
When you send an electronic greeting card, an email message is sent to the person whom you sent your message, telling them that a postcard is waiting for them here on our website. The recipient just enters their claim number to view the postcard you sent.

Try it Yourself.
Try sending yourself a postcard first and see how easy it is.

Send a card.
Have fun keeping in touch with all the people you know. Best of all its ... FREE.

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 STEP 1: Select a Picture

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Note: you can send postcard after dark because recipient will see live current image when they receive postcard.

 STEP 2: Type a Message

 STEP 3: Address the Card


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Check Here, to be notified when your postcard is picked-up


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