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Personalized Client Services

Whether you are buying as an individual, for a company, or for a portfolio — In most situations we can assist you to find a property to meet your criteria.

Know what you can afford. Don’t waste time looking for an investment outside your budget which you can't afford to purchase.

Your budget should include an amount for property research (consultation fees and due diligence costs), plus funds to purchase the property including financing and closing costs.

What we will ask you to provide before getting started

For cash purchases Proof of cash available to cover 100% of the purchase price and closing costs. 

For purchases requiring seller financing — Proof of cash available for downpayment and closing costs. Credit report with a credit score.

For purchases requiring lender financing — A lender's letterhead stating the downpayment and closing costs plus all the other requirements necessary to meet the lenders loan criteria. Also the lender should state that funds to close have been verified.

Example: A lender may require that a hotel property requires 20% down, interior corridor, a franchise, satisfactory income history, buyer's previous experience in the business, etc.


 6Things To Consider When Buying A Commercial

1. Identify the criteria that you want. Of the people who claim to be in the market for a property, 99% don't know exactly what they want, and this includes those who currently own the same type of property.

2. Ask the right questions to get the seller to furnish RELEVANT INFORMATION.

3. Review the information, review the operation of the business to see if it even makes sense what you're looking for.

4. Investigate the real income and the real expenses. [That may not be what the seller provides.]

5. Find out if the property is really making a profit after looking at the income vs. the expenses plus any necessary repairs.

6. Consider what can be changed to make it profitable, or more profitable, and then determine a reasonable purchase price.

Due diligence is the buyers responsibility. When a property is identified, we can help you with as much of the [due diligence] work as you want or as little, on a consultation fee basis and of course if you choose you can do it all yourself.

We Help You All The Way

Find a Good Property

Find a Good Value

Close the Deal

We believe in challenging the status quo.

We believe in thinking differently.

By understanding our clients needs — to make you successful.

Do you want us to help you discover your real estate dreams?

"You can not fail unless you quit" — Abraham Lincoln

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